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Wind energy

Comparison Between Actuator Line Model and Fully-Blade-Resolved Method

H. Meng, F.S. Lien, G. Glinka, P. Geiger (2019), "Study on Fatigue Life of Bend-Twist Coupling Wind Turbine Blade Based on Anisotropic Beam Model and Stress-Based Fatigue Analysis Method", Composite Structures, Vol. 208, pp. 678-701.

H. Meng, F.S. Lien, L. Li (2018), "Elastic Actuator Line Modelling for Wake-Induced Fatigue Analysis of Horizontal AxisWind Turbine Blade", Renewable Energy, Vol. 116, pp. 423-437

Comparison Between RANS and LES
Stress and Strain Reconstruction
Fatigue Analysis of NREL 5MW Wind Turbine Blade
Fatigue Analysis of  Wind Farm
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