CSSP: Canadian Safety and Security Program

CRTI: Chemical, Biological, Radiological-Nuclear and Explosives (CBRNE) Research and Technology Initiative

  1. CSSP-2013-CP-1001: Rapid City Planner for Extreme Events 

  2. CSSP-2013-CP-1013: High-fidelity, Multi-scale Atmospheric Dispersion Modeling of Natural, Accidental or Malicious Releases of Toxic  Agents in the Atmosphere

  3. CRTI 09-0509TD: First Responder Immersive Simulation Environment (FRITSE)

  4. CRTI 07-0196TD: Towards an Operational Urban Modeling System for CBRN Emergency Response and Preparedness

  5. CRTI 06-0252RD: Development of Mixing and Afterburning Models from Explosives in Urban Environments

  6.  CRTI 05-0058TD: Unified Interoperability Solution Set to Support CONOPS Framework Development - Municipal-Provincial-Federal Collaboration to CBRN Response

  7. CRTI 02-0093RD: Advanced Emergency Response System for CBRN Hazard Prediction and Assessment for the Urban Environment



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