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Chapters in Books

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  2. M.A. Leschziner, F.S. Lien (2001), “Numerical Aspects of Applying Second-Moment Closure to Complex Flows”, Closure Strategies for and Simulation of Turbulent Flows (B.E. Launder and N. Sandham, eds), Cambridge University Press, pp. 153-187.

  3. F.S. Lien (1996), “High Performance Computing of Turbulent Flows”, ERCOFTAC Course on High Performance Computing in Fluid Dynamics, Delft, The Netherlands, Kluwer Academic Publishers, pp. 201-236.

  4. F.S. Lien, M.A. Leschziner (1992), “Second‑Moment Modelling of Recirculating Flow With a Non‑Orthogonal Collocated Finite‑Volume Algorithm”, Turbulent Shear Flows 8, Springer‑Verlag, pp. 205‑222.

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